The Woman in the Moon®

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What women are saying about this journey:

"I found the 28 day journey to be an equally empowering and humbling experience and a guide for incorporating mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, with a little moon magic into everyday life.  Lacey has set up the experience to fit into busy lives and I recommend the journey to anyone who is going through a difficult time, has something from their past that is negatively impacting them, or whether you are simply interested in finding deeper meaning in everyday life.  This journey can serve you during trying and happy times alike. " Mariloly


"There is no pretense with Lacey and no spiritual bypassing because she willingly walks with you into the dark places and reminds you that you CAN illuminate your own Light.  The 28 day journey is a work that she has committed to doing herself and it is obvious as you walk through the course.  Just like our guide, the Moon; the 28 day journey allows for all aspects of our Self to be shown and honored.  From the new moon to the full, we are granted permission to embody all aspects of ourselves.  With mindfulness, presence, and most of all unconditional love, Lacey reminds us to embody the beauty all around.... which naturally gives others permission to shine as well." Loren


"What you seek is seeking you... Rumi.  These words could not be more perfect until I met Lacey and started my journey with The Woman in the Moon.  The process has been incredibly transformational and came in Divine time.  The Woman in the Moon is helping me to renew my meditation practice, and most importantly it is helping me to find the time and space to focus on ME.  Through the process, I have been learning to pause and receive.  The intention setting, daily affirmations and meditations help me go inward and notice my soul.  As I go through this powerful 28 day journey,  I feel transformations occuring in a space that feels safe and nurturing.  The Woman in the Moon is pure heart, love, femininity, and passion.  I am looking forward to continuing my journey with The Woman in the Moon and with Lacey.  Lacey is truly a gift."  Edith


"The first time I took "The Woman in the Moon" course, I went through a lot of releasing and healing.  I learned how to trust my instincts and intuition.  After completing the course, I have continued to work with Lacey and I am constantly surprised with the knowledge I attain.  There is something very reassuring and trusting about Lacey and I am extremely grateful for her."  Gaby

The new moon is the perfect time to plant the seeds of intention in the garden of your heart and mind.
— unscripted heart
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