Healing Arts Services 

Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, and well-being is freedom from disease.”
— Dr. Mikao Usui

What is reiki? Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that decreases stress and anxiety while also helping to assist in the healing of emotions, trauma, and stagnant energy stored in the body. Reiki is translated as Universal Life Energy that is present in all living things. We are alive because the life force energy flows through us. Based on the understanding that all conditions of imbalance (illness/disease/anxiety/trauma etc.) are rooted in the human energy field. Reiki addresses underlying energetic patterns to create wellness and reconnect with your ability to heal yourself.  Jesus, The Buddha, Shamans, and other miracle workers have shown us that healing is accessible by human beings for human beings if we are willing to tap into the sacredness of our own being and believe and allow this healing energy to flow. As a reiki healer, I am not the one doing the healing, I am merely a vessel with the guidance to allow life force energy/spirit/source/God, to flow through me and hold space for the one receiving healing to learn to accept and also awaken their inner healer as well. 

What is meditation?  Meditation is a practice that produces a state in which deep peace arises in your mind from being calm, silent yet alert.  Meditation is a state of awareness in which you take time to sit quietly and train your mind.  This training occurs by various techniques of focusing on the breath, contemplation, and focused awareness.  Meditation is seen by a number of researchers as potentially the most effective forms of stress reduction.  As a meditation teacher I will help guide you inward to help your nervous system relax and bring ease and calm into your mind as you experience your own inner healer.  

What is Aromatouch®? The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience.  Developed by chiropractor Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., to help the body invite healing at a cellular level.   As a certified Aromatouch® Technique practitioner I will use a clinical approach with 8 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®  essential oils along your spine and a hands on technique that is specific to the meridians of the body.  This technique invites your body at a cellular level to create homeostasis, relax the nervous system, and fight inflammation.  It is gentle and healing at a mental and emotional level.    To learn more visit  Doterra