What Is Mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose to the present moment without judgement.”
— John Kabat Zinn
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See how we are making a difference in the lives of students & teachers with

The Mindful Words Challenge® &

Mindful Teacher Training Programs.


Our intention is to train educators and parents on mindfulness practices so that they can feel confident in teaching and being the guide through this journey with the children in their lives. By teaching children the simple yet profound tools of mindfulness and social-emotional skills we are empowering them to be the future leaders of the world that lead with heart. The Mindful Words Challenge® book is a coaching program that assists preschool and elementary schools as well as parents to accomplish just that. Unscripted Heart is on a mission to bring the simple, yet profound tools of mindfulness into the hearts and lives of children, schools, and families one breath at a time, encouraging people to live unscripted and be the author of their own lives.

Enjoy a mindful moment and Brain Train with us.
This is the heart of The Mindful Words Challenge® and an easy way to bring calm and chaos that life can bring. Consistently practicing this 3x a day is an easy way to regulate the nervous system and wire the brain for success, self-control, and happiness. Practice with us in the video below and noticed how with focused attention and the power of our breath we can experience peace and calm within.
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Mindful classrooms begin with mindful teachers. Mindful homes begin with mindful parents. Contact us for classes and trainings.