Last week, the QUEST classes experienced the calm and focused world of Lacey Melguizo. She gifted each class with a full day of teaching the students to appreciate how their brains function. I was amazed at how she connected with every grade level and showed them strategies to re-center and the power of a calm brain.
The students learned so much from her, and I am forever changed for the better by spending the day observing and learning from her.

I am grateful for the time she spent in the QUEST room offering the students valuable tools to handle the stresses students feel and face each day.

Thank you, Lacey!
— Belinda Wells- Quest teacher at Grandview Hills Elementary
Lacey is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met. The first time I met her to discuss my photo shoot she almost instantly understood me, and what I was wanting. Everything that Lacey sees shines through in her photos... She is a true artist. I couldn’t imagine my journey without her being the eye behind the camera.
— Misty Krant- Owner of Tarver Hill Salon
Lacey is a great dedicated meditation coach. She has taught me techniques that have been very useful in my everyday life as a parent. Sharing these beautiful moments with other moms that are going through the same struggles is very powerful and comforting. Lacey’s program is an amazing journey for every parent, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced on meditation.
— JESSICA Santiesban- Owner Ideology Photography
I can’t put into words how truly amazing Lacey is....not only as a photographer but as a person. I have known Lacey for almost 15 years. Not only have I seen her grow in her business, she has been there to document so many memories for me and my family through her lens. From multiple mother/daughter photo shoots to engagement, bridals and wedding pictures to maternity and our most favorite to date, a lifestyle photo shoot with the newest little member of our family. Lacey is someone who can read my mind and shoot exactly what I’m thinking and she continues to take my breath away each and every time with her photographs.
— Jennifer Vanek- Owner of Fivelleven
Lacey has an ability to create and hold sacred space by showing up fully open and willing to share truths about the struggles and experiences in parenting as a meditation teacher and a mom. I felt a real sense of support as other mom’s in the group shared their struggles and experiences. This helped me to know ‘I’m not the only one having struggles”, and opened me up to a wealth of knowledge and learning that is shared in a community. I have noticed more patience, more capacity for enjoying my son’s energy, excitement, and joy for life! Lacey taught tangible skills that I have implemented around bedtime routines helping to ease that transition. Bedtime now goes more smoothly for the whole family.
Lacey did an amazing job with our newborn/family pictures. I have a three year old who is a little high maintenance at the moment and Lacey did a wonderful job making her feel special. I love the way she talks to the children and you can tell she truly loves what she does. Thank you so much for taking our pictures!
— Alexandra
What you seek is seeking you...” Rumi. The Woman in the Moon is helping me to renew my meditation practice, and helping me to find the time and space to focus on ME. Through the process, I have been learning to pause and receive. The intention setting, daily affirmations and meditations help me go inward and notice my soul. As I go through this powerful 28 day journey, I feel transformations occuring in a space that feels safe and nurturing. The Woman in the Moon course is pure heart, love, femininity, and passion. Lacey is truly a gift and I look forward to continuing the journey.
— EDITH Troen - Founder of Kids Life Mastery®
I found the 28 day journey to be an equally empowering and humbling experience and a guide for incorporating mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, with a little moon magic into everyday life. Lacey has set up the experience to fit into busy lives and I recommend the journey to anyone who is going through a difficult time, has something from their past that is negatively impacting them, or whether you are simply interested in finding deeper meaning in everyday life. This journey can serve you during trying and happy times alike.
Lacey worked as a translator between myself and my heart. She taught me how to listen and pay attention to what serves me in my life. She has helped me celebrate strengths that before I had thought of as weaknesses. I am truly grateful for her and her gifts. I don’t think words can express how grateful I am for this experience and Lacey’s gifts.
Lacey is an incredible healer and an incredibly intuitive woman. She is kind, receptive, honest and a cultivator of healing space and community. I believe that everyone who has the chance to meet Lacey will be blessed by her presence.
— Brooke Binstock- Founder of Open Circle Healing
“Lacey is a very intuitive, deeply caring woman and she has so much to share with the world of moms.”
— Caroline Zwickson- creator of Well Mama®