Unscripted Family Story

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces
— -George Santayana
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I have been photographing families for almost a decade now.  When I began this journey I never set out to be a photographer, that was a happy accident or a divine invitation.  I will never know for sure, but I know that I fell in love with photography when I realized it was poetry without words and I really needed to become silent and still.  A passion was born in me when my daughter was born and I received my first camera, my first teacher in the art of mindfulness.  I had just become a mother and my heart had expanded to places I never knew were possible.  I was absolutely amazed by this amazing soul that I had been given.  Each moment, every little hair, expression, tear, discovery; all were sacred to me.  The messes, the laughter, the stories that unfolded each day and the difficulty in the journey were captured. The photos allowed me to savor them, noticing things I would have otherwise missed in the day to day ins and outs that motherhood brings. It brought me a happiness and a creative outlet that my inner artist was longing.  It brought frustration through the learning curve, so much like motherhood it stretched me beyond my comfort zone.  I now know that is where the magic happens, and the more you get out of your comfort zone the more magical life becomes.  I resonated deeply with creating art, telling stories without words, and capturing the connection that was shared between others.  My children's entire lives have been documented, their life stories told in pictures and words that I keep on a private blog and each and every year I have created story books to remember.  When my littles got big enough to sit down and look through these books the joy that these moments brought them helped me to more deeply understand the priceless value that the gift of photography has given to our family.  As I developed my own unique style,  I always come back to the compilation of images that tells a story.  Each photo may not be technically perfect or in focus or the light just right, but there is a story.  A deep unfolding of life happening and it is important and treasured.  The value becomes greater as the years pass by.  My offering as a photographer to you as a mother (or a father, I just know 9x out of 10 its the mama in the family scheduling these sessions) is invest in an unscripted story session.  Let's capture you as you are in all that you are, laughter, tears, everything because it is all valuable.  Let me show you this beautiful mess that is your life and get it off of your computer and into your hands with a tangible album that tells the story of now, a keepsake for generations to come.  I am beyond grateful for the families that have entrusted me to capture their memories, I would not be the photographer I am today without those who have been in front of my lens, especially this wonderful family.  I have known Jen for almost two decades and have photographed so many of her and her families special moments.  Mommy and me sessions when her daughter was a preschooler, a 1920's themed engagement session, a glamorous mommy and me bridal session, a beautiful wedding,  a nature filled maternity, a lifestyle newborn story in her home, a one year old full of little boy energy and now another beautiful addition in her youngest princess smashing her cupcake!  I have had the gift of watching her family grow and documenting her story as a mother, an incredible one. Mothers who have been mothering for awhile know it goes by way too fast.  Let's slow it down and keep it, a little piece of it anyhow; forever.  Thank you Vanek family, especially you Jen for allowing me to capture a piece of your beautiful life, unscripted.