Unscripted Lens


My camera was my second mindfulness teacher. It continues to teach me how to savor a moment and be present. My photography business was an unexpected blessing that I never intended. I began taking photos of my daughter ten years ago in an attempt to remember. My intention was to capture every detail in a way that she could look back and see and feel how beloved she is. That, in turn led to an incredible adventure and invitation to capture the special moments of other people. From weddings, to families, children, to branding and lifestyle my lens has taken me into extraordinary adventures and the simplicity of other people’s most treasured moments. I have been given the priceless gift of capturing time. I never intended to be a business owner, it just happened. I followed my heart and the nudges of the Universe and allowed any scripts that I had written to be rewritten with each click of the camera. Being a creative entrepreneur through photography was the seed which would grow into Unscripted Heart. About a year ago, I began feeling like a change was to unfold. I had to make space for new scripts to be written and I had to follow my heart once again and the Holy Spirit’s leading to teach and create a mindfulness curriculum. The message was clear, give up photographing weddings. Just when things were getting easier in my photography business I was being led down a new road, a path less taken. I always listen to my heart and the whispers of my intuition even if it doesn’t always make logical sense (it usually never makes logical sense!). When I am practicing and spending time in meditation and prayer, God gifts me with treasures that I cannot understand completely, but I feel them deep within my heart. I am so grateful for photography and am cherishing the people who trust me to capture their unscripted lives; one laugh, hug, kiss, and connected moment at a time. It is like a moving meditation of the heart when I photograph others. Here is a favorite family that brings me such joy and gratitude to be a part of capturing their sweet family’s love story. Meet the Garza’s and enjoy a few of my favorite moments….